Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a marking process that is perfect for metal components and products. It is a low-stress option to mark various metals, and because it’s CNC driven, it can be used to etch and mark very complex and detailed images and designs. 

By varying the depth and thickness of the laser marks on the metal, images can be created with darker and lighter areas, and of course, because the design is etched into the metal, it will never smudge or rub off.

Diamond Metal Finishing is a specialist in the field of laser engraving. Our experience programming and using CNC machining in various areas of our business transfers well to creating the laser-marked products our customers need. 

Whether it’s an esthetic design on custom metal products or labeling parts, components, and scientific apparatus, our shop is fully equipped to translate your design onto the metal. 

Our laser engraving process delivers results that are always precise, clean, and true to your design, no matter how big or small your project is.

Diamond Metal Finishing offers laser engraving on a huge array of metals, including anodized aluminum, painted, coated, heat-treated metals, and more. 

Our equipment is top of the line and can create even the most complex designs with light and dark areas with ease. Laser engraving setup and production cycles are also very fast compared to many other metal engraving processes, which means you can get faster turnaround and quality results. 

This kind of laser engraving is not only incredibly precise but it can also be done on large or very small items and components and on surfaces that are not flat or uniform. Once your design is programmed into our machines, you will get perfect results every time.